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The Riviera Maya is a tropical style vision of paradise and is blessed with a crystal-clear sea which hides live treasures, and a lush mysterious jungle. Whether you want to experience romance and tranquility or an extreme, exciting adventure the Riviera Maya is a fairytale place for your destination wedding or honeymoon.

Riviera Maya Highlights

Rain forest, jungle, ancient Mayan cities, virgin white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters, and the fantasy and warmth of the tropic are only a few characteristics that make the Riviera Maya a favorite for all newly-weds. With so many exciting excursions such as skydiving, golfing, horseback riding, and tons of water sports it's a good thing the Riviera Maya also offers beautiful beaches like Punta Maroma to relax and sunbathe on. If you're looking for the perfect destination wedding or honeymoon vacation Riviera Maya has unforgettable experiences waiting for you.

Riviera Maya Honeymoons

With miles of untouched powdery white sand as far as the eye can see, honeymooners will feel free to focus on only each other as if they were on a deserted island. Rent a spectacular beachfront private villa and be enchanted by the romance and relaxation you will experience. Or choose to stay at one of the extraordinary all inclusive resorts nestled along the coast and enjoy the benefits of a luxurious honeymoon suite, exotic mouthwatering cuisine, tropical concoctions, and even a relaxing couple's spa treatment. No matter what you're looking for the clear star-studded nights, the surf lapping on the shore and the beautiful beach views will give you nothing to worry about but what romantic adventure you will find together tomorrow!!

Destination Weddings in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable and magical destination wedding. Exchange vows on the untamed beach, before the splendor of a sunrise or sunset, or under the starlit sky. With the lush shade of green from the surrounding jungle, splashes of turquoise from the Caribbean's spangled surface and orange-yellow brilliance from the eternal summer sky any backdrop will come alive with the vibrant colors that characterize the Riviera Maya. Choose an all-inclusive package that may include a wedding coordinator to make those wedding plans stress-free, a delicious wedding cake, and even a band to play at your reception!! No matter what you're looking for, with the ocean's poetry whispering in the background, the soothing energy that surrounds Riviera Maya will seal your commitment and bestow its blessing of many prosperous tomorrows.

Facts for the Bride and Groom

Time Zone: Riviera Maya is on Central Standard Time.Language: You will find many diverse languages in the Riviera Maya but mostly English and Spanish.Currency: The national currency in Mexico is the peso, but the US dollar is widely accepted.ATMs/Banks: Most ATMs and banks will accept foreign credit or debit cards. ATMs may dispense cash in pesos or dollars. Entry Requirements: Effective 2007 passports are required to enter or leave Mexico.

Climate & Weather

Riviera Maya is home to one of the world's most sunny climates. The average temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but frequently the daytime highs range into the 80s! Occasionally there are strong winds and rain during the months of September, October and November, but don't worry it's nearly guaranteed that you will see the sun every day of your stay. The climate changes are minimal so honeymooners should always pack for swimming and warm weather.