Highlights of Namibia

Namibia is a unique and magnificent desert country that will leave you amazed! In this land, you will experience raw diversity combined with contrasting landscapes such as the Namib Desert that is said to be the oldest desert in the world. Discover giant sand dunes, abandoned coastline and mountains surrounded by grasslands with amazing wildlife. Namibia welcomes its guests to enjoy its friendly locals, learn its rich history and indulge in the excitement of adventure!

Destination Weddings in Namibia

If you are dreaming of a breathtaking destination wedding, then you have chosen the perfect location! You can discover the natural beauty of Namibia while exchanging your vows among the expansive sand dunes, along the beach with the lapping waves and sea breezes, beneath a star-studded sky, while witnessing the sun setting below the stunning horizon, or in the elegance of one of the many wedding venues available to you. Destination wedding packages are available, and the services of many wedding coordinators are there to help you organize and plan your blessed day. Namibia is drenched in a unique elegance and promises you timeless, elegant memories on your special day.

Namibia Honeymoons

Namibia is famous for its diverse landscape and the most romantic hideaways. Together you can experience stunning sunsets, delicious dining, breathtaking scenery, and majestic wildlife. Ranging from game parks and wildlife reserves, a seal reserve on the Atlantic coast, river rafting, canoeing to horse back riding, there is adventure for every couple. Your romantic honeymoon in Namibia awaits you!

Weather & Climate

Namibia experiences 300 days of sunshine a year with hot days and cool nights. Coastal regions tend to be cooler because the cold Benguela current causes fog and creates rainfall. During the summer months, November to February, rain does occur usually as heavy thunderstorms. Winter starts in the month of May and ends in September and offers warm days but extremely cold nights.

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Time Zone: Namibia's standard time zone is UTC/GMT +1 hour and daylight savings is not observed.Language: English is the official language of Namibia.Currency: The Namibian Dollar is the official currency of Namibia. Banks are available in most towns and operate 24 hours per day. Traveler's checks are widely accepted.Entry Requirements: United States citizens are required to have a valid passport in order to visit Namibia.
"Our guests loved it because they didn't have to tote a present half way around the world and they thought it was fun. We loved it because it was easy and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon."