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Itinerary Inspiration

Also known as the Island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Cyprus is a lover's paradise. Warm, sandy beaches will greet you and the sparkling, blue Mediterranean Sea will welcome you to a life of leisure, relaxation and exploration. Find breathtaking nature views in Konnos Bay, Fig Tree Bay, Cape Greco and the Adonis Baths. Checkout the ancient ruins of the Limassol Castle and Amathus. With diverse natural beauty and culture drenched in history, Cyprus is a dreamy place to vacation.

Time Zone: UTC +2 hoursOfficial Language: Greek and TurkishOther Languages: English, French and GermanCurrency: EuroEntry Requirements: Valid passportBest Times to Visit: All Year

Cyprus Honeymoons

This island is a honeymooner's paradise. The hotels and resorts in Cyprus offer honeymoon packages for couples looking for indulgence and romantic adventures. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, snorkeling among colorful corals, sightseeing or relaxing with no agenda in mind. You can explore the forest while hiking down lush mountain trails, take part in exciting excursions or shop around for souvenirs in local stores. There's no shortage of honeymoon activities in Cyprus.

Destination Weddings in Cyprus

Breathtaking beaches, stunning green mountains and exotic settings make Cyprus the perfect place to tie the knot. Charming beachfront hotels and luxurious resorts offer special options and destination wedding packages that are tailored to pull off your dream wedding. A beach wedding promises you scenic island oasis views and a medieval chapel wedding will give you the feeling of a timeless romance.

Climate & Weather

Due to its geographical position, Cyprus enjoys sunshine nearly all year long. Its Mediterranean climate consists of hot and dry summer days and warm, mild winters. During the winter months, you can expect some rain and cooler temperatures in the evening. Spring and autumn months are warm without the high heat.

"Our guests loved it because they didn't have to tote a present half way around the world and they thought it was fun. We loved it because it was easy and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon."